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Zoloto shines like a piece of gold


In fact amber is the resin of needle leaved trees, that has gone down the water and become so hard after at least 50 million years that now it’s known as a kind of rock. It shows us a picture of prehistoric world because we can find pieces of earth, insects, plants and even small trapped mammals in them.

Ambers are mostly aged from 30 to 90 million years. Amber is fossilized tree sap which is used for making jewelry and decorative objects because of its beautiful color

Greeks called this rock as “electricity rock” because of the static electricity that is made by rubbing them. That’s why in Persian the name “Kahroba” is made of words “Kah” and “Roba”.

The reason why this rock is floated in salt water, is that it’s so light and weight around 1.08 grams in each C.CM .This rock is also flammable.

Amber has other names like: “Eye rock”, “Baltic gold”, “Copal”, “Electron”, “Glaesaria”, “Glaesum”, “Sacrium”, “Liquid rock”, “Sun rock”, “North rock” or “Succinum”

Italy,  Dominican Republic, Romania, Burma, China, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Russia, America have Amber mine. The biggest Amber mine is located in west of Kaliningrad, Russia at the depth of 30 meter under the sand

Amber rock is known as the symbol of love. Gold and orange Amber portrait beauty and softness, they are also famous for being the natural spell of love.

What can control the immune system and digestion and increase body strength for fighting against microbes and infections is the yellow color of Amber.

The shining gold color of amber brings success, passion, happiness and power and also boosts commitment and devotion in human beings

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