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Zoloto shines like a piece of gold


Azurite (Cu3 (CO3)2(OH)2) is a soft copper mineral produced by the weathering of copper ores

Azurite was first discovered in Cheesy-les-Mines near Lyon, France. It’s also called “Chessylite”.this mineral was known in ancient times, in the book “Natural history” the word “Kuanos” is mentioned which is the Greek name of azurite and means dark blue. Azurite is also called “Caeruleum” in Latin. Since the ancient times it’s bee common to compare azurite with the blue cloudless sky

The modern English name of this mineral “Azurite”, was chosen because both words azurite and azure are derived from the Arabic form of the Persian word “Lazhward” (an area which is famous for having azure)”

The name azurite has originally came from a Persian literary work meaning “blue”. Azurite is used in jewelry making and collected as a beautiful ore.

Greeks and ancient Romans used uncut azurite for coloring and medical goals

This mineral can be found in copper extraction areas like: Australia, Chili, Africa, China and Soviet Union. The discovered azurite in Chessy-les-Mines are called Chessylite

Azurite is the stone of Capricorn (Astrological sign), it’s also the symbol of insight and discovery and boosts the sense of fairness in human

This mineral also effects on the fifth chakra (throat), sixth chakra (third eye) and seventh chakra (the crown) but the special effect is on the sixth chakra or the third eye, azurite can balance, activate and empower this chakra at the same time

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