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Zoloto shines like a piece of gold


Epidote is one of the most abundant rock forming minerals. but has a secondary source. It can be seen in crystal limes and metamorphic rocks

Its name was taken from the Greek word “Epidosis” meaning increase which represent its crystal property and it’s also a part of prism’s foundation

High quality epidote that have the potential to change to a jewelry are rare

They can be found in colors like: chartreuse, green-brown, black, yellow and gray

The reason why epidote’s color changes is iron

You can see green and brown colors of it from different sides because of the “pleochroism” phenomenon

It can be found in South Africa, Russia, France, Myanmar, Italy, Mexico, Afghanistan and Mozambique

This rock is so similar to “Idocrase”, “Tourmaline”, “Dravite” and “Diopside”

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