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Zoloto shines like a piece of gold


In western countries, precious gemstones like Diamonds and Ruby are symbol of status and condition, but in China Jasper has been a symbol of condition, spirituality, purity and health for more than 200 years. The value of Green Jasper in China can’t be understand, they have always shown respect to this stone. Jasper has been valuable for its permanence, purity, color, hardness and most important of all Its beauty and power.

Extraction and working on Jasper has been something practical for Chinese and they used to hang jewelry, artwork, musical instrument, furniture, therapeutic equipment and weapon on Jasper.

Archaeologists have also discovered that rich Chinese were buried with a dress made of Jasper.

it is a mineral stone with two different silicates Nephrite and Jadeite. What we call Jasper isn’t a cut, polished crystal like diamond or ruby, it’s a mineral produced by chemical compositions and it’s made of small crystals. Both Nephrite and Jadeite are known as Jasper but they also have differences:

Nephrite: Jade Nephrite was the first Jasper found in China. It’s known as the traditional Jasper and it has been used and engraved since ancient times. There is no more Nephrite’s sources in China, it’s been fully extracted.

Jadeite: Jadeite has more density and for precious Chinese artists it’s easier to work with. Jadeite is harder and shinier than Nephrite and it’s more expensive. Even though they have different composition, hardness, density and crystal structure they are both hard and have the same appearance and also share the same metaphysical properties.

Most of the known sources of jasper are located in China, Korea and India. Up to now this valuable mineral has also been discovered in Canada, New Zealand and Guatemala. Green Jasper has also been found in South East Asia.

This stone is famous for its light green color but can be find in black, blue, red, yellow, white or purple.

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