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Zoloto shines like a piece of gold


This group if stones ( Quartz ) are among the “semi-precious” stones and different colors of them are used in making jewelries that have different business names based on their color

Quartz has a specific property which is called “Piezoelectricity” and that’s the reason why it’s used in watches and other frequency controller objects “Piezoelectricity” is a property that produces static electricity while it’s under pressure or electrical current.

One of the Silica’s Polymorphs (Silicon Oxide) has a crystal structure and lozenge sides. Hot waters with SiO2 become cold in clefts and SiO2 sediment produces Quartz crystal in this places. Tourmaline Quartz is a kind of Quartz which has infixed hexagonal crystals inside it. Liquids with SiO2 can sediment in central gap of rocks. Geologists call them Geode.

Rock crystal

This name is used for lucid and colorless Quartz and was discovered by climbers from ancient Greece, and they thought it’s a kind of ice that won’t ever be melted. This kind of Quartz is mostly cut in round or baguette shape and can be used as a diamond-like because of the cut and its achromatic nature, clarity and hardness.

Most of the colorless Quart z have impurities that are visible with naked eye and they’re called “Sagnetic Quartz”

“Rutile” is the most well-known impurity in colorless Quartz. This impurity can be as thin as needle-like or hair-like ones.

Needle-like impurity looks like a bunch of straw or wheat, this impurity shouldn’t be too thin or scattered.

Hair-like impurity appearing in red or gold color is called “Rutilated”. Most important sources of colorless Quartz are in Brazil, Madagascar, Switzerland and USA.

Different types of Quartz:

  • Amethyst

High-quality Amethysts have been used for making religious jewelries and royal crowns for several centuries. It’s also a really popular colorful stone today, and one of the most valuable stones from the Quartz family too.

Amethyst is colored in an unmixed amethystine. The best quality of this color is when it’s heliotrope or mixed with purple and its color, is mostly a mixture of purple and gray in its business type .Brazil and Zambia have the most important sources of Amethyst.

  • Citrine

This stone comes from the lucid this family. And its color is ranged from light-yellow to a mixture orange and brown. Citrine is the best-selling yellow/orange stone in the market and the only reason is its glamorous color. They are also used as Quasi-stones for Topaz (yellow ruby).

The biggest Citrine mines are located in Bolivia, Spain, Madagascar, Mexico, Uruguay and even most of the amethysts from Brazil mines are changed to Citrine with heat and reforming.

  • Rose Quartz

The name of this stone is taken from its color (from very light to dark pink) because of their high quality they are cut in baguette shape. When this stone has impurities, it might show a star shape so they use oval cut to show the phenomenon
you can find Rose Quartz mines in Brazil, India, Madagascar and Sri Lanka

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