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Zoloto shines like a piece of gold


Ruby is one of the most valuable colored fact, big rubies are as expensive as diamonds. Ruby has been a precious gemstone for centuries and its hardness along with the beautiful red color and amazing shine of it are considered as some reasons for its high price and value. Ruby is called “ratnaroy’ in ancient India’s Sanskrit language, meaning the king of gemstones.
this is a type of Corundum that get its red color from “Chromium”
All types of Corundum except for it red ones are known as Sapphire, but lucid and clear Corundum is completely colorless.
The name Corundum was given from the word “kurundam’ meaning redruby. Old Sanskrit writings, bible and other historical writings introduce ruby as a precious and valuable gemstone that proves its history and worthiness
the high value of it has been recorded through the history and it has always been a symbol of power and courage.
The most important sources of Ruby are in Myanmar, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Tanzania
Other sources are located in Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Nepal, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Tajikistan, Vietnam and USA

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